Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Time

Our Summer calendar has been penned down.  Fun, inexpensive activities have been planned to keep our little ones busy for this summer.  We picked verses for our little ones for the beginning of our school year.  A verse that we felt was needed in their lives.  We were not really planning on a summer verse but felt that this was what was needed.  Obedience is still the very issue that we are trying to get across to our little ones.  Obeying the authority that is over them as well as obeying right away.  In our home you are allowed to voice how you feel in a respectful way.  Our purpose in teaching obedience is ultimately that they will learn to obey God.  I heard a really great Bible teaching on the radio today.  The speaker was talking on this very topic obedience with our children. A great thing he said was not to ask our children why they did something wrong.  But to ask what questions.  It was to teach to take responsibility for their actions.  So example, What did you do wrong?  What did we say the consequences were going to be?  What could you have done differently?  They already know that we are not happy about what they have done, but to let them know that they have broken our heart.  Letting them know that when they sin, they ultimately break the heart of God.
 This is little man's verse.  He already knows this verse.  Obedience comes a little easier for him than little sweetie.
This is little sweeties verse, because as she stated, she already knows the other verse.  I also wanted her to know that there is more that one verse in the Bible about obedience.  It was so funny.  The other day we went to this verse MANY times.  Whenever we had trouble obeying we would go look at and discuss.  One day this week we had an unexpected little friend come over.  Little sweetie brought him to look at her verse. When she did this I then realized she is getting the point of the verse and what we are teaching her.

Hopefully we will have some cucumbers this summer.  They are coming along great.  :)

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