Friday, October 18, 2013

Crazy Daze

These have been such eventful days.  Yet in the middle of everything I am learning things about myself.
The one specific thing I am learning about is to let the voice of you are too sensitive or you wear you feelings on your heart sleeves go.  I have searched  the Word of God and realized that tenderheartedness is okay.  Sensitive by dictionary terms means feelings hurt or offended.  Tenderhearted shows empathy, compassion, kindness and concern.  Tears were in the Bible quite often for many different reasons.  Crying is okay.  The world  says don't cry suck it up and be tough.  I even find myself telling my children to stop crying.  An example this morning.  My little sweetie lost her hair clip down the drain while fixing her hair.  She began to cry for missing her hair clip.  I said don't cry.  Then I paused and said will you forgive me, for you see I share with my kids what God is teaching me.  The other day I went over how God understands tears.  He even puts them in a bottle. If you want to cry because you lost your hair clip that will be fine.
One of the greatest things I loved about tears is the woman in the Bible who washed Jesus feet with her tears and the precious ointment.  The bystanders called her foolish.  Jesus said no she has done good.  Tears in worshiping to our precious Savior.  In worship I am learning to get my tears back and not to hide them anymore.
God shows up right on time.  He shows me that he is real in the everyday life. So when big things get tough I can trust him.  Example:  We had gone to church to jump on the blow up toys.  We were not going to this event.  It was planned and then we needed to cancel.  We did end up going for about twenty minutes.  As we were leaving a women at church stopped me.  She is always giving little sweetie dresses of which little sweetie adores.  She said she had some more clothes in her car if I would follow her I could get them.  What you don't know is that as the mother of my household I am aware of what everyone needs and who is the priority.  In the back of my mind I knew that little sweetie would be needing some jeans soon for the weather is beginning to change.  Only God knew this information.  I had said nothing to anyone not even Leon.  So when I pulled up in my van and the women went to give me the dresses so I thought instead she gave me a boat load of jeans.  Immediately I laughed in my spirit and said thank you God.  He shows up and shows off.  I know I can trust him in anything because he is so real and working constantly. Prayers are being answered.
Now  we have a situation going on with our little man right now to others may seem little but for our family it is a struggle.  We have been taking him to God in prayer faithfully and asking for wisdom.  Wed. night Preacher Paul preached and what he had to say was everything I needed to hear.  So one more time we took out little man to Jesus in prayer and left him in his great and wonderful hands.  The next day we had unexpected phone calls concerning little man, just the right time and just the right information.  Also, he had a super experience in his Wed. night class at church.  Last night at our house was the first calming night in a very long time.  This is all God.  Give Him some praise!!!!!
Our God is huge!  Praise Him, Praise Him.  What are some things that he is doing in your life or family?  Would you give him some praise?

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  1. I love reading about all the ways God confirms things for you. Yes, He is so very good. I can't get Paul's message off my mind. I just keep whispering "It's the 3rd day!" I love that!!