Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Taking A Poll

The Fall season has begun.  All the pumpkin recipes are coming out fast and furious.  This is one I found the other day and thought it look good, easy and yummy.

These are the ingredients above, just a cake mix and a can of pumpkin.
Bake at 350 for 20 minutes

I know these would have looked beautiful in a fall basket setting, but they tasted just as good cooling on my stove while real life was happening.
What about the poll you say?  I was the first to taste them hot out of the oven.  I loved them.  Next was my older boy, he had just woken up and needed breakfast fast and out the door for school.  He acted like he loved them he ate two.  Although it just could have been that there were hot muffins and he likes anything to do with food. :).  Next, my husband he tried a tiny bite.  He is not a fan of pumpkin.  He said they were good but he never ate any more.  He was a very good sport just to try the muffins.  My little ones came next.  Little sweetie didn't like them at all.  Little man said he liked them as he proceeded to make little balls out of the muffin.  I'm not even sure if he took a bite.  I love to share things that I bake so mom and dad got a taste of the muffins.  Dad ate the muffin and said it was good. He was looking forward to finding some pumpkin recipes of his own to begin baking.  Mom took a bite and began shaking her head immediately with the comments, "Oh, no, I don't like these at all."  I could live with not eating them again.  I told my mother in law about them and the recipe she said she would like to try and make some.  So there you have the results of the pumpkin muffins.  Maybe you will try and make them and maybe you won't.  No matter.  I have another cake mix and can of pumpkin and I plan to make another batch in the near future.

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