Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I knew when the kids both started school I wanted to do some form of exercise.  This is one thing that I have really missed doing.  With the little ones it has always been hard.  I finally decided on walking.  I have a specific place that I go every day but Saturday and Sunday.   I have found that I love to walk.  I don't necessarily like the discipline of getting up everyday and walking, but once I get going I do fine.  The place where I walk has the same people every day at pretty much the same time.  I have met several and we call each other by name or wave as we pass. There is even a couple that doesn't speak English but the man always tries to be friendly with finger motions of how many laps are you on now. It is comforting for me to go and see these people.  In my mind a new season a new ministering to different people.  This one elderly lady walks every day.  She is such an inspiration to me.  Her spine is curved, she walks with a cane and has something wrapped around her neck.  For me walking is for my mind.  I have found that walking really helps lift the mood of my mind and helps keep my anxiety under control.  Funny, even Leon can tell when I have walked and not walked.  It amazes me.  I walk as many miles as I feel that I need on that particular day.  I just know when my body has had enough miles. I read something humorous the other day that said fat crying is sweat.  I have found that walking like I do, lots and lots of sweat. More information than you probably wanted.  I never sweat so this is new for me. :)  If I loose weight while walking that will just be an extra bonus.  What I really love is the morning quiet. The beauty of the sky.  There are some beautiful flower(weeds) that bring beauty to the walk.  Leon said they just grew up by themselves and if you were to bring them home they would take over.  The colors are purple and pink.  Sometimes I listen to my music usually praise music.  I have found praying an awesome part of my walking.  For whatever reason I am really able to focus.  I thank God everyday for the opportunity to walk.  One particular day I was carrying  paper and a spiral notebook with me.  I walk by myself.  One of the women came up behind me and asked if I had my grocery list with me.  At first I didn't know what she was talking about and then I realized my papers.  I said  no this is my prayer list I have been praying very specific for an upcoming event.  I told her about Beth Moore and the scripture memory, she was not familiar with Beth Moore. She wanted me to add something to my prayer list and I did.  By the way she responded to some of the things I was saying I am not sure that she knows the Lord.  Open doors, open opportunities. I plan on continuing walking for the rest of the year. So far all I can see there are only benefits to walking.:)  Even when it gets cold I am going to find a way to continue with my walking.


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